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Virgin Media Broadband

What happens next?

Important! Make sure you have ordered your Virgin Media Broadband Starter Kit, as suggested at the end of the first stage of the registration process.  Itís vital that you order this otherwise you could end up paying the monthly Broadband charge without having the right equipment to access it.  If you havenít ordered your Starter Kit yet, please see our Equipment shop.

Confirmation email - we will send this to your Virgin Media email address (or your alternative email address if requested during registration) three or four days after you complete the first stage of registration. We will have made the necessary checks on your phone line and will let you know whether or not you can proceed. You will fall into one of the following categories:

If your order has been accepted:

Step 1: We will email you to let you know that your order is successful.  Important: it is vital that you save this email and make a note of the following:

Step 2: We also recommend that you print or save to disk the installation support section. This is important because it will provide you with help offline, just in case you canít access your email or the Internet on the day your line is activated. You donít need to do anything else at this stage other than store this information.

Step 3: If your order has been accepted, we will confirm this with Thomson who will despatch your Virgin Media Starter Kit within 48 hours and process your payment for this. We will arrange with BT for the necessary work to be done at your local exchange to activate your phone line.  You will not be able to use Virgin Media Broadband until the day your line is activated.

Step 4: Your modem should be delivered three days before your activation date.

Step 5: You should install your modem and filters on your activation date Ė donít worry weíll provide you with lots of help on this, both online and in the Starter Kit itself.  Weíll also send a confirmation email to you once the service is up and running.  For more information on installing your Virgin Media Broadband Starter Kit see the Installation section.

If your order has NOT been accepted:

There may be several reasons why this happens for example, the address details that we have for you are different from the address details that BT hold. Please click here for instructions on how to check or change these details
It may be that you have a product on your line that you are unaware of and we have to put your order on hold until this is removed. One example of this is if you have a product called DACS on your line.

Click here for more information

There may be issues with your BT line that prevent you from being able to receive broadband. The reason will be identified on the email we send to you. These reasons could include:

We advise that you contact BT in order to find out more.

In some cases you may be able to get Virgin Media Broadband at a later date. If you agree, we can email you to tell you when the situation has changed.

If you placed an order with SpeedTouch for the Virgin Media Broadband Starter Kit, we will:

You don't need to contact Thomson to cancel this.

Broadband help >> Activation >> What happens next?