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Virgin Media Broadband

How to setup your Virgin Media Broadband connection under Mac OS 8/9.

1) Insert the SpeedTouch installation CD into your CD-ROM drive.

Note: The SpeedTouch modem should NOT be plugged into the computer at this time.

2) Double click the 'Speed_Touch_USB' CD-ROM icon that appears on your desktop. Then double click the folder which represents your version of the Operating System.

3) Now double click the 'AlcatelUDSL-InstScript" icon in the 'Speed_Touch_USB" window, then click the "Install" button to start the installation process. You may receive an error and be asked to 'Close all other applications'; if you do simply click the 'Continue' button. At the end of the installation process, you will be prompted to connect your USB modem.

4) Connect the modem to an available USB port on your computer (this can not be a USB port on your keyboard), then plug the other connector lead into the data socket on your ADSL box. The power light should be a constant red with the other flashing green. After about five or ten seconds, both lights should turn a solid green. When this happens, click 'OK' to proceed.

5) Click 'Quit' to finish the Installation procedure. The installation does the following:

  • Adds 'Alcatel SpeedTouch USB' to the 'Connect Via:' list in 'Modems'.
  • Adds a 'SpeedTouch' icon to the control strip which allows instant access to status information.
  • Adds a 'SpeedTouch Diagnostics' icon to the applications folder.

6) Click on the 'Apple Menu', 'Control Panels' then select 'Modems'.

7) Make sure 'Connect Via:' is set to 'Alcatel SpeedTouch USB'.

8) Make sure 'Modem' is set to 'Null Modem 115200'.

9) Close the 'Modems' control panel. Click 'Save' if you are prompted to 'Save Changes?'

10) Click on the Apple Menu then 'Control Panels' and select 'TCP/IP'.

11) Make sure 'Connect via:' is set to 'PPP' and that 'Configure:' is set to 'Using PPP Server'.

12) Enter the following in the 'Name server addr.:' box:

13) Enter 'Virgin Media' into the 'Search domains:' box.

14) Close the 'TCP/IP' control panel. Click 'Save' if you are prompted to 'Save Changes?'

15) Click on the 'Apple Menu', 'Control Panels' then select 'Remote Access' or 'PPP'

16) Make sure you have the 'Registered User' radio button selected.

17) Enter your username.

18) Enter a number in 'Telephone number'. You can use any telephone number in this box as your computer will not dial it. We recommend that you use your own telephone number.

19) Click the 'Options' button at the bottom of the window.

20) Make sure 'Use protocol:' is set to 'PPP' and that the following options are checked:

'Connect automatically when starting TCP/IP applications'
'Allow error correction and compression in modem'
'Use TCP/IP header compression'

21) Click 'OK' to close the 'Options' window.

22) Click 'Connect'. Your computer should now be connected to the Internet.

Installation >> Starter kit >> Setting up your... >> How to...